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Meet the Staff of Gary Jackson Motors

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Gary Jackson Motors - Friendly Staff

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From the moment you step on our lot until the time you drive away in your next car, your buying experience with Gary Jackson Motors is our number one priority.  The highly motivated staff at Gary Jackson Motors is very goal oriented and in our business plan our number one goal is customer satisfaction.  Customer satisfaction is our top goal followed by growth if you have been customers of ours since the beginning you will have realized by now that goals at Gary Jackson Motors get accomplished!  We have made many improvements to our original location as well as acquired multiple surrounding property's for future growth.  The team at Gary Jackson Motors has become a family that shares the same goals and values, and we hope that everyone of our customers experience a difference when dealing with us over the competition.

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Melissa LaBouef - Business Development

774-641-6572 - mellabouef@gmail.com

Melissa LaBouef is a strong independent young lady that quickly became the back bone that keeps Gary Jackson Motors upright. From chasing leads to paying bills Melissa makes sure what needs to be done gets done.  Melissa enjoys spending her days off doing countless amounts of activities with her beautiful daughter Shaena.  Melissa has tons of experience she is a product of Herb Chambers relentless trainings working and training with the Herb Chambers Dealer group has made her into the workaholic that she is.  If it wasn't for Melissa the lights wouldn't be on at Gary Jackson Motors. She can be reached on her cell phone that is listed above. 

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Jordan Edmonds - Sales

617-872-0903 - jordanedmonds.gjm@gmail.com

Jordan Edmonds grew up in a small town he was always an incredible athlete with extreme competitiveness which in his younger days made him decide to do school choice in Highschool so he could compete in a more competitive league in baseball.  Jordan was always the team player that any team would love to call there captain in any scenario Jordan is willing to pick up the slack of other members and really go above and beyond to win.  This competitiveness helps Jordan's customers really experience a different type of used car buying experience there's a reason when you read through our reviews you tend to see Jordan's name time and time again.  Jordan enjoys hanging out with friends and family on his time off and watching sports if there's one thing that Jordan's two younger siblings could say about him is that he is reliable and always there for them to listen or give a helping hand.  And that's exactly how he stumbled upon Gary Jackson Motors in 2017 when Gary broke his foot playing softball on Jordan's team Jordan offered to come give a hand doing some landscaping at the shop and since that day he has devoted his life and time to growing Gary Jackson Motors and growing himself in the business!  Jordan can be reached anytime on his cell phone which is listed above.

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Dave Jr - Sales

978-227-8192 - DEgeland11@gmail.com

Dave Egeland grew up in a small town in Massachusetts located at the border of NH, when Dave is asked about his childhood he will tell you his greatest memories were of when his family decided to up and move to Big Sky Montana.  He loves being in the woods when Dave is asked if he is married he will respond with the only thing I'm married to is fishing.  If you know Dave you know that family and friends come first and there is nothing he wouldn't do for someone in need.  Dave knows the ins outs of the car business he has been working for major dealer groups since he was 15 years old. When Dave was an internet manager at Colonial Chrysler Jeep Dodge in 2013 Gary strolled in fresh out of college to apply for a sales position knowing he wanted to be in the automotive industry after a few weeks of working with Gary he saw something in him he never saw and he told him one day I will work for you and I will make you a millionaire and in October of 2020 Dave realized it was time to come to Gary Jackson Motors and fulfill his promise.  Just like how we mentioned Dave is willing to do anything for friends or family he is also willing to do anything to help grow Gary Jackson Motors into an empire. Dave can be reached anytime on his cell phone listed above.

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Tom Kelley - Master Technician

508-414-2777 - Tomkelley40@yahoo.com

Tom Kelley is the perfect fit for our growing business we needed a mechanic that got things done and didn't beat around the bush Tom from day one has proven that his thoroughness is exactly what we were missing on our team.  Tom grew up on a farm and has been tarring apart motors since he was 8 years old if you asked Toms friends what they thought about him they would tell you he is always there for them and he has proven that time and time again with putting in relentless hours and constantly putting his personal life 2nd to our growing business and non stop workload.  Tom is a typical motor head in his spare time he loves doing any extreme activity from motocross to snowboarding there's never a dull moment in Toms life.  Tom all though young has over a decade in the trade and can handle any problem vehicle no matter what make or model. Tom can be reached anytime on his cell phone which is listed above.

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Nicholas Hacket - Master Technician

774-262-9986 -

Nicholas Hacket is a proud husband and father of two beautiful baby girls, nothing was given to Nick growing up and he has learned that hard work is the only way to get what you want and he is on the path to getting everything he wants and more.  Nick has worked at a handful of very reputable local shops but he realized quickly that small wasn't for him.  When Tom and Gary realized that the work load was just far too much for just one mechanic Tom said there was only one person he would recommend and from the first phone call Gary and Nick had Gary had realized that Nick shares the same goals for growth that the Gary Jackson Motors team does.  After work in between being a father of two and a great husband Nick stays up at night trying to learn and brain storm ideas of how to help grow.  Just like Tom Nick's mechanic ability's are like no other mechanic there knowledge is far greater than any mechanics in the business.  Nick can be reached on his cell phone which is listed above.

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Gary Innamorati II - Owner

978-875-0425 - gary.innamorati@gmail.com

Gary Innamorati II the owner of Gary Jackson Motors grew up in Bolton a small town in Central Massachusetts.  He came from a very tight nit family that taught him the core values of life.  They taught him the difference between right and wrong and they taught him the value of a dollar. As well they made it clear that if you wanted something you had to work for it.  He has used these values that have been drilled into him by his great family his entire life, the values they taught him really show in the way he conducts his business.  In his spare time he enjoys laughing with friends and boating in Narragansett Bay.  He can be reached anytime on his cell phone which is listed above.

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